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Meditation for Stress Relief Bundle

Meditation for Stress Relief Bundle


The goal of these beginner-friendly, guided meditations is to provide you with an introduction to meditation, giving you the tools that you need to better manage your stress and tap into inner stillness.

Since starting a daily meditation practice over four years ago, my life has drastically shifted. I’ve noticed a greater sense of calm in high-stress situations, an ability to respond instead of react, a deeper connection with my body and knowing what it needs in terms of food, exercise, etc., more compassion for myself and others, and a greater awareness of my thoughts overall.

Whether you’re a stressed out college student or a parent of three kids, my hope is for you experience the benefits of meditation too.

  • 7 guided meditations (around 10 minutes each), each providing you with a new technique or aspect of mindfulness to focus on.

  • Focuses on aspects of mindfulness such as: breathing techniques, body scans, visualization of thoughts and body awareness.

  • Reflection sheets to write about how the practice felt for you and what you noticed.

    I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to share your meditation journey with me by tagging @megjosephson!




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