My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

Not gonna lie, I was wary about writing this because I honestly don’t do much to my skin and didn’t think it was worthy of a blog post…but I do think there’s something to be said for “less is more.” There are SO many products out there claiming that they all do amazing things to everyone’s skin, but the truth is that everyone’s skin is different. The same way that everybody requires different food for their activity levels, age, etc., the same is true for skincare.

I’m no beauty blogger and definitely am not an expert on skincare, but this is what’s working for ME. The minimalistic nature of my routine saves me money and lots of time. I’ll dive into the vegan routine that I do, and I’m also going to discuss a few lifestyle tips that I think contribute to healthy skin as well.

Let’s get to it!

My Skincare Routine

I only wash my face at night, nothing in the mornings. I work out in the mornings and usually sweat, and I’ll just get my face a little wet in the shower, but not a full wash.

For my nighttime routine:

Face Cleanser: Lush - Angels on Bare Skin


I’ve been using this moisturizer for a couple years now and absolutely love it. I paid around fifteen dollars for this jar and it lasts me several months. i just take a dime-sized amount, smush it in my palm, add water and scrub it on my face. It’s vegan and made from real ingredients that I feel comfy putting on my skin. It also smells heavenly :)

I also love to spray some rose water on my face after washing it; it’s so refreshing, calming and helps to balance the pH level of your skin.

Moisturizer: Coconut Oil


I swear by this! Before going vegan, I had been using generic face moisturizers/creams and found that they left my face feeling greasy. Ironically, coconut oil doesn’t make my face feel oily whatsoever. I just put a pea-sized amount on my palm and rub it into my face. It keeps my skin hydrated, feels so light and I love the smell.

I also usually do a face mask once a week, and am currently loving Oatfix by Lush and the Pink Clay mask from Svati Organics.

And that’s it! Nothing too fancy. Of course, skin health goes beyond the products that we use. Below are some lifestyle tips that help my skin be its best:

Lifestyle Tips


I’ve actually never worn foundation or any skin makeup consistently! I wore it sometimes in high school for special occasions, but haven’t put any on in years. It’s hard to know for sure if this is what’s helped my skin, but I don’t think it hurts to let your skin breathe. Oh, and wear sunscreen! :)

Drinks lots of water

This is key! Your skin is your body’s largest organ…keep it hydrated! Carry a reusable water bottle with you and drink throughout the day. I also love to drink a lot of water (usually 32 oz) right when I wake up in the morning. In total, I drink around three 32oz bottles of water, but everyone is different!


Again, everyone is different. But I find that when I stick to whole foods (veggies, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds), my skin does its best. Something I’ve noticed about my own body is that when I eat lots of processed sugar, I tend to breakout a little. I eat intuitively as I can, consuming a balanced diet that’s mostly fueled by whole foods but if I want something else, I’ll eat it!


Something I noticed in my body is that when I’m about to get my period, I’ll usually get a pimple or two on my chin. I’m a huge believer in Chinese Face Mapping, which attributes parts of our face to different imbalances occurring in our bodies. When women are about to get their periods, they naturally produce more androgens, often causing hormonal breakouts. If you have constant hormonal acne, it may be something to look into with the help of a specialist!

Stress levels

If our skin truly is a reflection of our inner state, then it makes sense that our skin breaks out when we’re under stress. Meditation, exercise, breath-work and baths are my favorite ways to manage stress.

I hope this helps, even if it’s just a little! Keep on glowin.