Grocery List + Money-Saving Tips!

Grocery List + Money-Saving Tips!

A question that I personally had when going vegan was, "what groceries should I get?" 

Even if you're just looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, it's always helpful to have a little bit of guidance. I put together a printable grocery list (bottom of the page!) to hopefully help you in navigating the big wide world of the grocery store. These are items that I always have in my pantry/fridge and use on an almost daily basis in my cooking and baking. Note that for the produce section, the list may vary depending on the season! 

Most of the items that I buy at the store are veggies for salads, stir-fries, rice bowls, etc. I love loading my meals with a variety of vegetables to give me a diverse set of nutrients, flavors and consistencies. I also eat lots of grains, legumes, avocados, nuts and I love to make different sauces for my meals to spice 'em up.

Something that I want to hit home is that plant-based eating does not have to be expensive!...because it isn't! Some of the cheapest foods out there are the staples in my diet - sweet potatoes, rice, bananas, oats, just to name a few. 

Here are a just few tips to help you get the bang for your buck while shopping plant-based:

Money-Saving Tips

Bring a List!

Most importantly, don't go grocery shopping while you're hangry. Make a list beforehand and stick to it. I like to write something down on my list while it's still low, but not fully out, to ensure that I always have it on hand.

Bulk Up

Grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, flours - so many of these items are in the bulk section which tends to be way more affordable! Bring your own jars or bags to stock up on what you need. I always get oats, dates, rice and nuts in bulk.

Veg Wisely

No shame in frozen foods! Of course the plastic is a downfall, but frozen veggies are cheap, easy to use and it's so helpful to always have a selection of veggies on hand. I love using frozen veggies for stir fries especially, since I'm already throwing everything into a heated pan.

When you're shopping for fresh veggies, stick to getting the whole vegetable instead of the pre-cut and pre-packaged ones. They're doing an extra step for you, but for a price. 

Keep track of sales

Easy peasy. Bring coupons, too! 

Buy in season

Not only is buying in season better for the earth, farmers and your health, but it's also cheaper due to not needing as much time, distance and people needed to get the food to the grocery store. It also forces you to get creative with your dishes and switch up your meal rotations as the seasons pass by! 

Bring your own bags 

Mama Earth will thank you AND lots of grocery stores deduct some cents off your total for not using their bags. It may not sound like much, but it adds up if you eat as much as I do :) 

I hope these tips and my grocery list help you in your eating endeavors!



Simply right click and save the image!

Simply right click and save the image!