Vegan Guide to Tulum

Vegan Guide to Tulum

Ah, Tulum. Easily one of the most wellness-focused places that I've ever traveled to. There's yoga at every turn and is extremely vegan friendly. It's one of those vibes where you could be barefoot and strumming a ukulele walking down the gravel road and no one would look twice. Yeah…that kinda place.


Tulum is set up so that there's the town/restaurants along the beach, and then there's more "in town." You should know that the restaurants along the beach are pricier, so that's good to keep in mind when you're planning. I indicate which ones below are along the beach or in town. I actually went in December and just hadn't written up this guide, but I think it's for the best since only the best things will be fresh in my mind :) Written in order of my love for these places, see below for some yummy vegan noms:

Raw Love (beach) $$

As much as I tried to expand my horizons + try as many restaurants as possible, I found myself returning to Raw Love the most...which is why most of the photos on this post are from there! It's outdoors with beautiful, relaxed seating and heaps of plants. You really feel like you're in a magical forest.

Their menu has a ton of variety - it's the perfect spot for some post-yoga breakfast or lunch (try yoga classes at the hostel right next to it! The studio overlooks the ocean and is just breathtaking). 

Here are some of the things we tried on their menu + loved:

Smoothie bowls - they don't hold back with toppings. I loved the vanilla one!

Zucchini alfredo - so creamy and surprisingly filling!

Spring rolls - very fresh + healthy 

Miso soup - packed with tofu, sesame seeds and avocado. very nourishing and pairs perfectly with the spring roll

Love cakes - we got the pumpkin one and it was delicious. definitely tasted healthy. grateful to have found vegan dessert so easily in Tulum.

Fresh spring rolls from Raw Love

Fresh spring rolls from Raw Love

Smoothie bowl from Raw Love

Smoothie bowl from Raw Love

Real Coconut (beach) $$$

The lunch spread from Real Coconut

The lunch spread from Real Coconut

Oh my, where do I begin? The food is It's definitely pricier than other places, great for a date night or special occasion. The restaurant is grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, and they have loads of vegan options. They have indoor seating and outdoor seating that's above the beach...we watched a wedding while eating outside one evening! 

We went for both lunch + dinner throughout our trip. 

For lunch, get the mushroom pate, kale salad, nacho bowl, coconut cheese quesadillas (they were okay)


Dessert: we loved their smoothies for dessert. and their skillet words. I'm still dreaming about it. They also have apple cider donuts and gingerbread that were amazing. Oh, and their plantain cookies....i don't hold back with dessert.

Suculenta Tamaleria (in town) $

A little nook of a restaurant in the city of Tulum. It's all vegan tamales + they also have some pastries. a couple outdoor tables and a couple bar seats inside. each day, they serve a few different types of tamales, rotating among five different ones. we had the tahini one, the lentil (my fave) and the (whats that chocolate sauce called?). they were all so good, with a slight kick of spice but not too much. Also, try their banana bread. Trust me.

Co.ConAmor (in town) $$

This place had JUST reopened when we went, so we were excited to be one of the firsts to break in their new space. an almost overwhelmingly large menu, we went for dinner once and brunch another time. i got one of their veggie-based bowls and it was super fresh + healthy. notthing super special, but it was nice to have some fresh veggies.

for brunch, i got the waffles and wow they were incredible. topped with banana ice cream, granola and stewed apples. i will say, it came with maple syrup that was very obviously aunt jemima's and not pure maple (not sure if anyone else cares about that...i've always been able to tell right away since i was a kid! haha) 

attached to it is an all-vegan grocery, selling food items in bulk. we picked up a bag of dates to have for snacks and i also bought a reusable straw there to use throughout the trip. ooooh and their granola! absolutely heavenly. 

Breakfast sandwich from Co.Con Amor

Breakfast sandwich from Co.Con Amor

Vegan + gf waffles from Co.Con Amor

Vegan + gf waffles from Co.Con Amor

Tierra (in town) $$

Tierra is the restaurant within the Holistika hostel. We went for brunch and although it was a small menu, it did not disappoint. My boyfriend and I both got the tofu scramble with the most incredibly delicious + smokey chorizo and it came with fresh, warm corn tortillas. I also got the peanut butter coconut smoothie, which then began my banana smoothie kick on the trip. I craved one every single day that we were there and had tunnel vision for it.

El Vegetariano (in town) $

i was actually a bit disappointed the first time that we went - i got the veggie stir-fry and it was pretty bland and flavorless. We went back again and I got the avocado pesto pasta with zucchini noodles instead of wheat + it was absolutely incredible and i was practically licking my plate. Never have i ever voluntarily ate zoodles and here I am eating them twice in my trip. 

Charly's Vegan Tacos (beach)

We actually didn't make it here but I wish we did! They have another location in Miami and it's supposed to be incredible -- all vegan tacos loaded with flavor and variation. Definitely go here and eat a taco for me.